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We are an Organization (Team/Clan/Squad) within the PC Video Game Star Citizen, a Futuristic Space Faring Action, Strategy, RPG, Sim. This site is our Org site, but also a FAN page for the game. If you like what you see, we're welcoming new members. If you don't have the game yet, check it out here.

The Kraken is a Drake Interplanetary Capital Ship, and this is an advertisement commercial for it, in allow its glory!

Squadron 42 Single Player Campaign - See part of the game played in this sneak peak This video was a 2017 christmas holiday special that has an hour long sample walk through of one small part of the Squadron 42 single player campaign (at 27:07 into the video)

So you've probably seen Assassins Creed and thought how large their levels are, right? hahahaha check out this demo video from last year showing one of their planets. Now realize this is a true to life earth sized planet, and it's one planet in a universe that will have thousands of such planets, moons, asteroids, and more. Fully worth the watch, one of my favorite SC videos, as it's just mind blowing. This isn't available in the alpha yet, but is planned for I think the Q3 release for us to get our hands on it. At the moment we can only land on moons and space stations.

These next two videos are great describing how power management works within a ship, and one of potential the roles of the co-pilot in managing power distribution between the shields, engines and weapons.

See the video that started it all. This is the original Chris Roberts Kickstarter video that breaks down the vision and explains in quite detail his vision.

And they said the PC was Dead!